Burning Tirade

Angeli of Death, was born with the name of angels, to bring destruction and chaos with the devil by her side. Don't be afraid. For, if music is her religion, then METAL is her denomination. Those who do not know her, can find her in the most brutal of all places, the PIT.

A company started in the notoriously brutal south, Endless Mayhem is based out of North Texas and inspired by it's love of the music scene. Favoring rock and metal, we breathe it in and bleed it out. BURNING TIRADE is an extention of our website EndlessMayhem.com. We can be seen out there headbanging and ripping the pit up right next to you. We bring our asses out to shows to enjoy all it has to offer because we are those who support it for those who make it.

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I went out (to one of my prefered local metal venues) Friday night to see Silver Tongue Devil, a band that I’ve been following for some years now. These guys play numerous shows all over DFW, and it’s always nice when I am able to catch them in Fort Worth. Their new album, titled “Pornographic Scriptures”, is now available to the public, and they are working hard at getting it to the masses.

I walked in during a performance from the one man band Rainbow Dragon Eyes. I wasn’t completely sure what to think about this guy at first, but I’ve concluded that the best way to describe the style of music is that it is a Nintendo-industrial-doom-metal. By Nintendo I mean exactly that-this guy wrote all of his music on his Nintendo Gameboy, and before playing his last song he informed the audience that its a lot of fun and he can show anybody willing to learn how to write their own songs. Very original sound, as well as concept, and all in all this guy has a lot of confidence in his performance. He is defininitely worth checking out if you want to see an act outside of the everyday norm.

The Crimson Veil was the next band I caught, and they strike me as having a heavier Shadows Fall-esque sound. There were a lot of young metal/hardcore fans on sight to support them with their rough moshing and extreme enthusiam.Unfortunately I was unable to get a closer view of the band due to the good time I was having, but from my aspect this band keeps the listener interested and does not disappoint!

All of the members of SilverTongueDevil are hard working and very dedicated to their music, and seeing them for the first time in about a year, that dedication definetly shined through. They have an extemely talented guitar player that carries off brain splitting riffs with a contagious smile on his face that makes you want to shred too! The bass player is also infectious in his style of playing, headbanging his heart out through every song and beating on the strings like a madman. Their frontman has a unique vocal/songwriting style that he imposes in a very serious yet maniacal tone, preaching the word of darkness before each song. ”Pornographic Scriptures” seems to be the perfect title for their new album, because every track is presented like a verse out of the satanic bible, tempting their audience with dark intrigue. If you catch them live on one of their many upcoming shows and don’t feel a sense of sinful pleasure in the air afterwards, then there is truly something wrong with you. Make it a point to attend an STD gig, and let yourself be infected with their unholy sermon!




It’s been about five years since I have been to Austin for a show, and this past weekend makes me wonder, “Why the HELL have I waited so long?!” The FFF Fest was a three day event hosted in Austin, Texas(November 4-6) I made it out Saturday in time for Sundays events to see Eyehategod, Cannibal Corpse, and SLAYER!! I had heard that Danzig reluctantly performed Saturday, complaining that he is “bigger than Slayer” and deserved a better time slot…… I will refrain from voicing my opinion on that….for the time being. So my two friends and I roll into the live music capitol of the world around 9pm Saturday night. We booked a room and headed for 6th Street and the whole place was swimming with college kids, musicians,girls dressed liked strippers,and freaks of all kinds. We passed by Keiko’s(where you can buy a slice of “death metal” pizza for three bucks), and I’ll be damned if we didn’t see, none other than Pat O’Brien of Cannibal Corpse hanging out in front! We stopped for a minute to chat with him, and followed him inside, only to see George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher as well! We said our “hello’s” and wandered away giggling with excitement over how that just happened and how awesome it was!

Sunday morning, we left our room and drove around Austin for a bit before stopping to chat with Billy Milano(Method of Destruction and Stormtroopers of Death fame), where we had the pleasure of hearing three songs from his newest project. I am completely blown away by his vocal style on this, and can’t fucking wait to see these guys come through DFW!

So the FFFfest was held outside and it was a perfect 72 degrees and slightly overcast. The first band we caught was backstage-a punk outfit, that had the crowd skipping around in a blitz of mayhem. A nice way to start things off! Eyehategod then took the stage, playing an hour set . That and the perfect climate setting had me mesmerized. The pit was friendly and quite entertaining, it was there I witnessed four pre-teen boys moshing right along with the older boys. 

Between sets, we hung out at the El Camino Lounge, it consisted of four classic cars parked in a small area. Which was a very cool idea for an outside venue because you can climb inside the cars and hang out with all the other random people climbing in and out of them.

Cannibal Corpse hit the stage at 6:15 pm, where they ripped through most of their better known classics- “I Cum Blood”, “Evisceration Plague”, and “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled”. Corpsegrinder had a sore throat, but not even that could stop the brutality here in the deep south! The crowd went absolutely fucking wild!

Opening for Slayer, was comedian Brian Posehn, one of the funniest metal-related acts I have ever witnessed. I looked him up in YouTub(you should too), and I couldn’t keep myself from laughing!! Indeed, some funny shit.

When Slayer took the stage, I was instantly smooshed for over an hour, with people going insane and trying to get as close as possible to the living legends. They completely fucking killed, as usual, playing all the classics that Slayer fans expect to hear. These guys are so timeless and always will be, THE ultimate thrash band in my eyes. It was such a treat to have seen them live in a different city for a change.



It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the familiar faces of my Bloodstaincarpet family come together on the same night. It was great to have that again after a three month break that the guys needed in order to re-group and come up with some kick ass tunes. It was 82 degrees Saturday, and I was having the time of my life outside in the parking lot, as well as inside.

The first band of the night was It Ends in Black. I recognized their guitarist as a former component of Dead Rising, and it seems he has moved on to shred in this heavy ensemble. Th singers vocals were deep and screeching, with a dominating force that was to be reckoned with. What impressed me the most was the bass player, was the excitement and energy he had on stage. He was jumping around and pounding the strings of his axe with a total rock star attitude! These guys did a great set, and I would love to see them again.

Splattafish was awesome as usual and their singer still continues to amaze me with her beastly vocals. I had a conversation with her in the ladies room, and it is so incredible that she has the sweetest voice in person, but onstage it transforms into the demonic sound of evil. No one would believe it, unless witnessing it for themselves. This band always draws a great crowd and never disappoints! The pit was churning with madness when they ripped it up for us!

Before BSC hit the stage, there was a lot of anticipation in the air. It had been four long months since their die hard fans have had the pleasure of smashing it up with these guys in the pit. They jumped off their set with two familiar songs and a new, never preformed song that was ear bleeding and righteous. Exceeding the standard that they have set in their song writing for the last eight years. The rowdy guitar player, Frankie, put down his axe after riffing it up and leaped into the pit mid song, stirring up a violent whirlwind of chaos for the rest of their set. A few thrown chairs and some broken teeth later, BSC finished out the evening leaving everyone happily bruised and satisfied. Always a good time when my favorite local band plays!


It was quite the ho-down last night at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, with a perfect mix of Hellbillies, Hellbettys, rednecks and metal heads! Hank III, definitely gave me my monies worth, by playing a three hour set(for only twenty bucks). I, myself am partial to his 2006 release “Straight to Hell”, and he didn’t disappoint me by playing almost every song from the album.

There was a full sextet in swing-complete with stand up bass, fiddle, banjo, drums, and guitar to produce the down home southern sound that is Hank III’s family tradition. A legend in his own right, I love how he he stays true to the music made by his father and grandfather before him. 

The mosh pit took a little while to get going, most likely due to the packed house and the heat that was brought on by so many people being in such tight quarters. Nonetheless, it was great to see the hodge podge of people enjoying such a unique artist in chaotic harmony. I was told that there were many more people in attendance last night as opposed to Friday night, so I guess that would be why the bar ran out of pitchers, causing me to ask a fellow fan for his empty one!

This show was the fourth time I have had the pleasure of seeing the country hero that is Hank III, and I am sure there will be plenty more int the future….. his Dallas/Fort Worth fans just can’t seem to get enough! If you missed the show this weekend, there is still a chance to catch him next weekend on Friday September 16th at TREES in Dallas! Don’t miss out on this one folk, if you are “lookin for a good time” , look no futher!